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AROY-D - Tom Kha Paste

by Aroy-D
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Aroy-d Tom Kha Paste for Soup is a delicious, spicy soup paste. Tom Kha soup paste is used to make a traditional Thai chicken and coconut soup. Tom Kha paste contains the many delicious spices that give the soup its characteristic mix of hot and tart flavors. This wonderfully aromatic, highly nutritious dish is first thought to have been recorded in a recipe book in 1890. It comes from the north of Thailand and has strong influences from neighboring Laos.

Use Aroy-d Tom Kha Paste for Soup to make a quick and delicious Tom Kha soup. Just add coconut milk, and your own chicken and fresh mushrooms. It is traditionally served with rice on the side and garnished with coriander leaves and diced tomatoes.

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Salt, sugar, galangal 17%, lemongrass, refined soybean oil, chillis, kaffir lime peel, monosodium glutamate (E621) as flavor enhancer, citric acid (E330) as acidity regulator.