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Cookie Statement

This Cookie Statement of describes which cookies uses via the websites managed by  (and applications (such as, for example, the app, hereinafter: “Applications”), and for which these cookies are used. 

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of (text) information that are sent to your browser when you visit the Websites or Applications and are then stored on the hard drive or in the memory of your computer, tablet or mobile phone (hereinafter: “Device”). The browser may return this information on a subsequent visit to the Websites or Applications. The cookies placed via this Website or Application cannot damage your Device or the files stored on it.

Which cookies does use and for what purpose? uses three different categories of cookies: (i) functional cookies, (ii), tracking and profiling cookies and (iii) cookies from IAB partners. This is explained below.   

Functional cookies primarily uses functional cookies. These ensure that the Websites and Applications work properly. These cookies are necessary to provide you with the services and functionalities you have asked for. For example, functional cookies ensure that you do not have to log in again on every page after logging in to the Websites or Applications. Functional cookies also remember the products you place in the shopping cart and information that you include in (order) forms. These cookies also ensure that you can make payments via the Websites and Applications. It is not possible to unsubscribe from functional cookies, these are activated by default.

Functional cookies from offers you the option to select a store on the Websites and/or the Applications. To prevent you from having to select this store again on your next visit, places a cookie that remembers your choice for the store.

It is also possible that you do not select a store on your first visit. In that case, wants to prevent you from being asked to select a store each time you visit. therefore places a cookie so that you are not asked to select a store for seven days.

When you have created a My Account, uses the name you provide to greet you personally on your next visit. To make this possible, also places account-related information in cookies. uses 'cookie consent' to store your cookie preferences. 'Cookie consent' places functional cookies to save your preferences. uses Google Tag Manager to manage your cookie preferences. uses A/B Testing via Google Optimize cookies. Google Optimize performs anonymized sampling for user experience improvements. collects your feedback about the Websites and/or Applications via an anonymized version of a feedback cookie, if you cooperate. With the help of this functional cookie, can make adjustments to the Websites, Applications and/or its services if necessary.

Functional analytics cookies uses Google Analytics cookies to collect web statistics about the use and visits of the Websites and/or Applications. These cookies anonymously record your use of the website or app. This data is then processed by Google and the results are provided to In this way gains insight into the way in which the Websites and Applications are used and can, if necessary, make adjustments to the Websites, Applications and/or its services on the basis of that data. In this context, has concluded a processing agreement with Google. masks the last octet of your IP address that is sent to Google and has disabled the 'data sharing' option within the Google Analytics environment when no tracking and profiling consent has been given. Because has taken these measures, the cookies from Google Analytics can be regarded as functional cookies. does not use other Google services in combination with Google Analytics cookies, unless you have given permission for this. also uses its own analytics system for analytical purposes. At the functional cookie level, this only concerns anonymized data collection.

The functional cookies remain active for a maximum period of two (2) years after placement. 

Tracking/Profiling cookies

Tracking cookies: via the Websites and Applications, cookies can be placed on your Device by both and third parties. These cookies follow your internet behavior and give and the third parties the opportunity to show you advertisements, among other things. Access is also provided via the Websites and Applications to various social media. With the help of social plug-ins you can share information on the websites with others or recommend it. When you come to a web page or app screen showing the social plug-ins of these social media, cookies are placed on your device by third parties. Tracking cookies also include the Google Analytics cookies that uses, but which are not anonymous and therefore cannot be regarded as functional. places, for example, the following tracking cookies: Usabilla profile tracking cookies, Lucky Orange tracking cookies and Member get Member cookies.

Profiling cookies: uses re-targeting/re-marketing technologies on its Websites and Applications. The purpose of these technologies is to be able to make you interesting and tailor-made offers. To realize this, places cookies on your device via the websites and apps that make it possible to track your surfing behavior on the Websites and to build a profile of your surfing behavior. Based on this profile, can show you tailor-made advertisements on third-party websites. When building your profile, personal data is also collected. View the Privacy Statement of for this. Profiling cookies also include the Google Analytics cookies that uses, but which are not anonymous and therefore cannot be regarded as functional., for example, places the following profiling cookies: Google Ads tracking cookies, LinkedIn ads marketing tracking cookies, Pinterest ads marketing tracking cookies, Facebook ads tracking cookies and similar profiling cookies.

Within the category of tracking and profiling cookies, also uses affiliate marketing cookies, such as the Tradetracker affiliate conversion tracking cookie.

Accepting profiling cookies when visiting the Websites and using the Applications is independent of the option to opt for a personalized shopping experience on If you do accept the profiling cookies and do not opt ​​for a personal shopping experience on, the profiling cookies will not ensure that you receive personal shopping suggestions or shopping lists based on your (purchasing) behavior on . You will only receive personal shopping suggestions or shopping lists if you agreed to the personal shopping experience when you created your account.

The Google Analytics cookies remain active for a maximum period of two (2) years after placement. The other tracking and profiling cookies remain active for an average period of six (6) months after placement.

Cookies from IAB partners

Via its Websites and Applications, offers third parties affiliated with the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) the opportunity to place cookies for their own purposes.

When you visit the Websites or Applications you have the option to accept or decline cookies from IAB partners. The preference center explains which cookies are placed for which purposes by which IAB partners. 

Read out information without cookies    

In addition to placing cookies, also reads information from your browser and Device without a cookie being placed. In this way, collects (technical) properties of your Device and software used by you, such as the type of operating system, browser settings, installed plug-ins, time zone and screen size. uses this information to track your surfing behavior and to tailor its services even better to your use.

Delete cookies  

You can revoke the permission you have given to for placing and reading cookies at any time by setting your browser so that it does not accept cookies and/or by deleting all cookies already placed in your browser. Here you can read how you can delete the different types of cookies within the different internet browsers. You should keep in mind that deleting cookies may result in certain parts of the Websites and/or Applications no longer working or not working properly.


This Cookie Statement can be changed at any time. Changes to this Cookie Statement will be announced via the Websites and/or Applications.

To ask

If you have any questions about this Cookie Statement, you can send a message using the Service Form.


Privacy Statement collects personal data about you via its Websites and Applications (hereinafter: “Information”). We think it is important that you know exactly what Information collects about its visitors, for what purposes we use this Information and how long we keep this Information. In this Privacy Statement we try to describe this in a transparent way. guarantees in any case that your Information is collected and used in a careful manner and in accordance with the law. We recommend that you read this Privacy Statement carefully before using our Websites and Applications

If capitalized words are not defined in this Privacy Statement, they are defined in the Terms and Conditions.

  1. Who is are engaged in e-commerce activities in the retail sector. Both entities process the personal data as stated in this privacy statement.

Within the Group, (hereinafter: “”) is designated as the controller for the processing of the personal data referred to in this privacy statement. is responsible for how your Information is collected, used and stored.

The contact details of the Data Protection Officer are:

 Mark Jan -

  1. Contact

If you contact customer service because you have questions or complaints about services, we will store your contact details and your question or complaint. may ask you to provide more information if we deem it necessary to answer the question or handle the complaint.

The Information collected in this way is used, among other things, to answer the relevant questions and handle complaints. This processing of your Information is necessary for the representation of the legitimate interests of, namely the interest to be able to serve you as a customer efficiently and to optimize the customer service of The information provided is also stored in the central database and used for the purposes stated in this Privacy Statement.

These terms and conditions also apply if you make a request to to view the Information that stores about you or if you request to change or delete certain Information. Section 15 provides more information on how to submit these requests.

The Information that collects in the context of the use of the Website and Applications uses, to the extent necessary, also for customer satisfaction research and evaluation purposes. Furthermore, offers certain customers the opportunity to participate in the Online Test Team (“GFHOTT”). Processing of Information in the context of customer satisfaction research, evaluation and GFHOTT does based on its legitimate interest to optimize its services and adapt it to the wishes of its customers. The option to unsubscribe is included in every email sent as part of a customer satisfaction survey, evaluation or GFHOTT.

  1. Automatically Generated Information

In order for the Websites and Applications to work optimally (for example, to display pages properly and to secure the Websites and Applications), needs certain Information. therefore collects automatically generated Information about your surfing behavior during your use of the Websites and/or Applications. This information consists of your IP address (number of your computer that makes it possible to recognize your computer), the type of browser (computer program for viewing Internet pages), the computer system you use and the pages you visit on the Websites and /or visit Applications.

We use this Information, among other things, to adapt our services as best as possible to your wishes and to solve technical problems and security issues. This processing of your Information is necessary for the representation of the legitimate interests of, namely the interest of to secure its Websites and Applications and to be able to offer them as user-friendly as possible.

The Information may also be used to compile anonymous statistical data. See also chapter 11 “Statistical Research”. If the automatically generated Information is collected using cookies, Section 10 “Cookies” also applies. If the automatically generated information is used in the context of personal offers, the provisions under 9 apply.

  1. My Account

In order to make full use of the services and functionalities that offers via the Websites and Applications, you must create a My Account.

When you create the My Account, you will be asked to provide certain Information. You are not obliged to provide all Information, providing a valid email address, password, first and last name, zip code, house number and telephone number is mandatory. You can always adjust the Information you provide. However, the more information you enter, the better we can tailor our services to you. If you enter your date of birth, you will receive a nice present from us on your birthday.

In addition to the purposes discussed further in this Privacy Statement, we primarily use the information provided to create the My Account and to provide you with the associated functionalities. This use of your Information is necessary for the performance of an agreement to which you are a party regarding your use of the services that offers you via the Websites and Applications.

The Information that you provide when creating the My Account, as well as the Information that you subsequently add to the My Account or provide via other functionalities, is centrally stored in the database and on the My Account linked. This Information is also used to make personal offers. See chapter 9 “Personal offers”.

If you want to use a new functionality that requires you to provide Information that you have previously provided, this Information will be filled in automatically. This prevents you from having to re-enter Information for each new functionality. If you have previously provided Information to before creating the My Account, will automatically transfer this Information to the My Account. We do this on the basis of our legitimate interest to make our services as easy as possible for you.

food specifications

When you create a My Account, you can provide information about allergies. You can specify which ingredients you are allergic to. These food specifications are stored in the My Account and can be changed by you at any time.

When foods are displayed within the Websites and/or Applications that relate to the food specifications you have specified, these products will be notified. For more information about this, see the website and the General Terms and Conditions. The food specifications will only be processed on the basis of your consent and will not be used for any other purpose.

Shopping lists and favorite recipes

You can make shopping lists and compile your favorite recipes on the Website and/or the Applications. If you do this if you have already created a My Account, this information will be stored by and linked to the My Account. can use this Information based on the permission you have given to draw your attention to special offers or to show advertisements that are specifically relevant to you.

  1. Orders

If you have created a My Account, you can place an Order via the Websites and/or Applications.

We use the Information from the My Account to process your Order. This processing of your Information is necessary for the execution of an agreement to which you are a party, namely to be able to deliver and invoice your orders.

When you place an Order, additional information may be requested. This Information is primarily used to process the Order and to perform the agreement with you. The Information is also linked to the My Account in the central database.

Furthermore, stores the Orders you have placed and the selected collection point. This information is also linked to the My Account.

Insight orders stores Information about your Order to give you insight into previous purchases. Within the My Account you can request Information about previous Orders. It is also possible to see which products are your favorites. We process this data on the basis of the legitimate interest to make our services as easy and useful as possible for you.

Personal offers

The above-mentioned Information obtained in the context of your My Account is also used to make you personal offers. See chapter 9 “Personal offers”.

Product recall

If such defects are found in a product that the producer and/or remove the product (temporarily) from the range and/or recall it, can use your information to contact you about this. This processing of your Information is necessary for the representation of the legitimate interests of, namely the interest of in preventing unsafe situations and protecting its customers. There is also the possibility that is legally obliged to carry out a recall.


If it turns out that you abuse the services that offers, for example by placing Orders but not collecting them, will (temporarily) block or even delete your My Account. will store your name, e-mail address and IP address to prevent you from misusing the services of again. This processing of your Information is necessary for the protection of's legitimate interests, namely the prevention of misuse of services.

Identification may ask for your ID when you pick up the Order. If you are not of the required age or if you do not have identification with you, cannot (fully) hand over the Order to you.

  1. Additional services

Within the My Account, offers you the possibility to purchase additional services. You can think of participating in loyalty programs, promotions or special promotions. In order to purchase these additional services, you may be required to provide additional Information. The purposes and grounds for processing the additional Information will be disclosed to you at the time of disclosure. processes the Information that you have provided for the additional services in the first place in order to be able to offer the additional services to you. will secondly link this Information to your existing My Account.

  1. Newsletters

You can sign up for newsletters sent by If you have signed up for the newsletter, will use the email address you provided to send the newsletter. may also use your name and/or gender to personalize the newsletter. If you no longer wish to receive newsletters, you can use the unsubscribe option that is included in each newsletter. processes your e-mail address for direct marketing purposes based on its legitimate interest to be able to send you the newsletter.

  1. Tokenization uses tokenization. This includes the following. When you pay with a debit card, the unique number in the chip of your debit card is pseudonymised and converted into a code ("a token") by means of a hash and cryptographic encryption. It is important to mention that this is not the number of your payment account, it is a unique number that is given with each individual payment card. The original unique number of the debit card can no longer be derived from the token. The transaction data of the purchase is linked to the token, which consists of the chosen payment method, the store (location), the amount, the products and the time of the purchase. In this way, transactions made with the same debit card can be linked without us being able to (directly) trace these purchases back to you. The database with transaction data created in this way is only used by on a pseudonymised and aggregated level.

 Through tokenization we can improve our customer proposition and strengthen our brand (formula) by realizing a range that is better geared to customer groups. Moreover, through tokenization we can make more targeted purchases, which leads to less waste, which means we reduce our ecological footprint.

For these are legitimate interests to process the pseudonymised data - the tokens - exclusively for those purposes, which we have weighed against the limited infringement this may have on your privacy. Only a pseudonymised - and in practice not traceable by  - number of your debit card is used and the processing only concerns analyzes at an aggregated level. The data collected in this way via tokenization is emphatically not used to approach you personally, including for direct marketing activities. You will not be profiled and we will not send you personalized offers as referred to in the “Personal Offers” section.

For the purposes mentioned above, trends from one year are compared with trends from the previous year. The tokens, linked to transactions made in those two years, are then processed within 13 weeks, after which the relevant tokens are deleted.

  1. Personal offers and recommendations

A profile is built on the basis of the Information collected by Based on this profile, tries to tailor its offers and recommendations to you as best as possible. These offers and recommendations may be brought to your attention by means of e-mail messages or through the personal offer on the Website, the Application or via third party websites. For example, based on your profile, can also send you personal recipes.

For this we use, among other things:

  • The products you purchase
  • The amount you spend on Orders
  • Your personal preferences
  • The features you use
  • Your surfing behavior on the website
  • Data collected using cookies

The above use of your Information will only take place if you have given your consent. If you no longer want your Information to be used for this purpose, you can withdraw the consent you have given by sending a message via the Service Form at or by withdrawing your consent in the preference center of the My Account.

  1. Cookies

If cookies are used in any way, the provisions of the Cookie Statement also apply in addition to the provisions of this Privacy Statement. The Cookie Statement states which cookies are used and what the purpose of those cookies is. The Cookie Statement can be consulted here.

  1. Statistical Research strives to provide you with the highest quality Websites and Applications. For this it is necessary that carries out continuous statistical research so that it can make adjustments to its Websites and Applications where necessary. can use your information for this statistical research, does this on the basis of its legitimate interest in statistical research, namely improving the quality of its services. Only specially designated employees have access to your Information for this purpose. The results of the research are always aggregated. This means that the data in the research result cannot be traced back to you personally.

  1. Retention of Information will not keep Information about you for longer than is necessary to realize the purposes for which the Information was obtained.

  1. Provision to third parties

Without your permission, will not provide your Information to third parties (other than processors engaged by for direct marketing purposes (for example for sending offers). in some cases uses third parties when offering the Websites and Applications, for example to host its central database. has agreements with these third parties in which agreements are made about the technical and organizational measures they must take to protect your Information.

Your Information is in principle stored within the European Economic Area (hereinafter: “EEA”). However, there is a possibility that stores certain (pseudonymized) Information on servers outside the EEA. Wherever stores the Information, it will ensure that this storage is always in accordance with the law. can further provide your Information to third parties if you have given permission for this yourself. may also provide Information to third parties if this Information cannot be traced back to you personally (such as automatically generated information, not being your IP address). Finally, may provide your Information to third parties if required by law, if it considers it necessary in a lawsuit or if it considers it necessary to protect its rights.

The Websites and the Applications may contain hyperlinks with which you leave the Website and end up on the website of another party. has no control over linked third-party services and websites. It is therefore possible that a different privacy statement applies to these services and websites of third parties. This Privacy Statement only applies to Information obtained through the Websites and Applications. does not accept any responsibility or liability for (the operation and/or content of) services and/or websites of third parties.

  1. Protection of your Information attaches great importance to the proper security of your Information. has therefore taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your Information against loss or against any form of unlawful processing.

  1. What are your rights?

As a data subject, you have a number of rights under privacy legislation. This chapter of the privacy policy states which rights are involved and how you can invoke these rights.


We try to respond to your requests as quickly as possible and in any case within one month. However, there is a possibility that we will need more time. If this is the case, we will inform you about this before the end of the month referred to above. The additional time will not exceed two months.

Requests can be made via: Service form at

It is also possible to make requests via the My Account. You can also view and adjust/delete certain information in your My Account.

To ensure that the Information you request really belongs to you, we ask you to enclose a valid proof of identity. We request that you make the BSN number shown on your proof of identity illegible.

It is possible that we reject a request from you, for example because your request is unfounded or excessive or because we (legally) cannot or do not have to comply with your request. We will also notify you of a rejection. There is also the possibility that we ask you to identify yourself before we process your request.

We would like to point out that, in the event that we reject a request from you, you have the right to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.  

Right of inspection

You have the right to submit a request to find out whether we relate to you

process personal data. If this is the case, we will provide you with a copy of the personal data collected about you in accordance with the law.

Right to rectification

You have the right to request the rectification of incorrect personal data concerning you. If possible, you also have the right to provide additional personal data in order to complete the collection of your personal data.

Right to be forgotten

You have the right to request the removal of (certain) personal data relating to you (the right to be forgotten). If your request is granted, we will delete the relevant personal data.

Right to restriction

You have the right to submit a request to restrict your personal data. This means that, if the request for restriction is granted, we will not process your personal data further during the term of the restriction, unless this is permitted by law.

Right to object

You have the right, under certain circumstances, to object to the processing of your personal data, for example if we process your personal data on the basis of legitimate interest. If you object, we will balance your privacy interests against our business interests. If your interest outweighs, we will no longer process your personal data.

Right to data portability

You have the right to submit a request for data portability. We will make the data covered by this right available to you in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable form so that you can transfer it to a third party.

  1. minors

In principle, anyone may use the Websites and Applications. If you are younger than 16, additional legal rules apply. will in some cases request permission for the use of Information. If you are under the age of 16, that consent must be given by your legal representative (parent(s) or guardian), who has read this Privacy Statement.

  1. Changes to this Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement is subject to change. These changes will be announced on the Website and/or via the Application. The latest version of the Privacy Statement is from November 1, 2021.

  1. Questions or complaints?

If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement, you can send a message using the Service Form at

If you have a complaint about the use of your Information and you cannot resolve it with, you can also submit your complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

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